Let's Rock.




Scribble it.

Sketch it.

Plan it.


Each Design Starts As A Sketch

There is no secret to good design. Good solutions come from developing basic ideas and shifting away from overly complex or unnecessary ones.

We work outwards from the beginning of each project with simple diagrams for web design and thumbnails for graphics. From these sketches, we choose the best solution for the client.



Measure it.

Mark it.

Mean it.


Every Design Is A Collaboration

The designer/client relationship is a collaboration. As a design agency, our process takes client ideas and input and then makes them into initial concepts and designs.

We identify and implement the strong points of our clients' goals to make these first drafts. This first draft then begins to move towards a final version with client reviews.



Write it.

Re-write it.

Upload it.


Make Your Design Mobile Ready

We code with W3C standard CSS3 and HTML5. Our sites work with notebooks, phones and tablets. Our work is cross-browser (Safari/Chrome) and cross-platform (Apple/Windows) compatible to maximize the range of devices that a site can be viewed on.

We develop code solutions for each client that guarantee maximum compatibility.

⁌ Branding ⁃ Web Design ⁃ Ecommerce ⁍


Get everything that you need to promote your company. Use my design service to deliver unique logos, business cards, letterhead and signs. Each project comes ready to go on-line or to the printer.


Explain complex processes in seconds. Utilize custom graphics that seamlessly fit your brand. Demonstrate products and services with easy to understand lay-outs and sales tools.


Achieve brand consistency on any browser or mobile device. My sites work on all major browers, tablets, phones and HDTV. Including: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, iOS, Android, Samsung, and Apple.

Email Design

No matter what your business or your audience is - I can design for it. My work is consistently designed as the best in digital communication for managed campaigns.

About Us

Who We Are. What We Do.

My name is Paul Schmitt. My company is Gargantuan Media. Over the course of my career, I've built a small, cutting-edge Graphic Design agency in the American Midwest. I've created everything from cutting-edge web sites for book publishers in Indianapolis to HTML5 compliant sites for medical facilities in Austalia.

This company makes logos, letterhead and identity pieces for small businesses. This work is consisent, creative and far above the average. I work with each of my clients to make each job a priority. My goal is to deliver work that rises above the rest using solid design principles with a creative approach.

My background is deep. I've personally designed and developed sites and web components for Fortune 500 companies on properties like Frontgate and Grandin Road. I've also designed courseware content for universities like Ball State University. I've delivered hundreds of illustrations for nationally published book series for John Wiley and Sons and designed catalogs for the construction industry.


Do you or your company need more than just a website? I can include bundled design packages. Use multiple services and over-lapping services for reduced rates. For a Total Web Identity price package you get a web presence fully designed and coded with a custom email templates for 30% off. Do you need to update your logo? Want it on new letterhead and cards? Try our Total Print Identity package.

For individual job estimates please send your design specifications and budget directly to New Client Contact. You can also use the Pricing section of this page for more information.


As a Graphic and Web Designer, I have worked with large corporations, small businesses and individuals to clearly define and reach their goals. Through custom email campaigns, new and re-designed web sites, or creating or refining a brand I've worked alongside many types of clients and employers.

  • Frontgate
  • Grandin Road
  • John Wiley And Sons Publishing
  • Bellbird Meadows
  • Ellis Jewelers
  • Grandin Road
  • Heroes Tears RPG
  • Be Collective Architecture Consultants


Logo, Business Cards And Letterhead Design

In my career, I've worked on branding solutions for large corporations and small business. That includes logos, cards, and identity packages for publishers, commerical construction companies, manufacturers and start-ups. As freelancer, my work is delivered digitially in color, black and white or both. Here are some recent examples.


Wiltshire Kitchens: Custom kitchen remodeling company in Trowbridge, England.


MD Logic Software: An electronic medical records company based in Duluth, Georgia.


Prescient Biotech: A pharmaceutical research and marketing company in Europe.

Graphic Design: Menus, Email And Advertising

The graphic design work that we create is for marketing, sales and identity. The work we make is built on the fundamentals. We've designed CD-ROMs, sales tools, customized applications and print catalogs each based on these graphic design fundamentals. As the tools change the principles remain the same.


Menus: Stay current! Update menus with new items in new styles with brand new graphics.


Direct Mail: Get two-sided, full-color, tri-fold or custom circulars to promote your business.


Advertising: Ads and spots designed to promote sales, clearances and holiday events.

Web Design: Responsive Sites And Re-Designs

Web design is the most widely accessible way to advertise. A web presence can serve as a business or communications center that feeds sales, leads and customers directly to your office. It can also serve as a first response to typical clients and customer questions - saving calls and emails addressing common questions and concerns.


Restaurants: Represent your restaurant with a modern site to show off your current cuisine.


Spas: Proudly present your own out-standing quality of services on any mobile device.


Practices: Show new and current patients and clients that your practice is unique.

Illustration For Books, Comics And Collateral Art

Do you need infographics to explain your business, product or service? We do data visualization to amp up traditional charts as well as comic illustration. We can take your presentation to the next level and add an edge your presentations. Do you need a book cover design and art? We can do that for you as well.


Comic Art: Pencils, inks and colors - we do it all. We've published original books since 2011.


Webcomics: The next generation of comics! We've written and illustrated a multitude.


Promotional: Customized art for any project or promotion. We make one-of-kind work!


Design work is not just another template. Each job has to have it's own carefully considered identity and approach. That identity is directly communicated to the public through email templates, web design and advertising. These rates are the baseline price for each service.

Project Type Pricing Description
Web Design (Uncoded Theme) 250 Photoshop file with web ready elements.
Web Design (Uncoded Multiple Pages) 150 1-4 additional pages for an uncoded theme.
Web Design (Basic Coded 1-5 Pages) 600 Basic design and coded site.
Web Design (Complex Coded 1-5 Pages) 900 Contact form with responsive, mobile friendly design.
Email Design (Uncoded) 250 Photoshop file with all email elements included.
Email Design (Template) 350 Photoshop design in an HTML template.
Logo Design 260 Delivered in web and print formats.
Cards (Single or Double-Sided) 160 Designed and delivered as PSD/AI/EPS.
Letterhead 100 Company logo and contact information.
Flyer (Single-sided) 200 Original artwork and design on front.
Flyer (Double Sided) 300 Original artwork and design on each side.
Postcard (Double-side) 275 Original artwork and design on each side.
Poster (11x17) 250 Designed for any occasion or promotion.
Poster (27x40) 400 American movie poster size designed for any occasion or promotion.

All prices reflect the current market rates for each type of project. Prices are subject to change based on complexity of tasks and deadlines. Configurations for Shopify and Wordpress as well as Tech Support for migrations and launches for all of my clients are also available.

For print projects: printing and shipping costs can be calculated and added into the final price upon request.


Web Design: Branding & Developing New Or Existing Sites

A series of sites with branded image assets for some page design clients. The coding for each one involved HTML4 and HTML5 with CSS style sheets. Created and customized for each client.


Webcomics, Comics & Digital Publishing

A series of graphics novels and books aimed at adults, teens and kids. These comics have sold for three years steadily. More Roaches comics are on the way and the webcomic is updating with art. There is more comic news in the next sections.


Giant Monsters, Talking Bugs & Horror Comics

Puppets is an original comic drawn by Paul Schmitt and written by Derek Edwards. This book is about a giant and the little girl who controls it like a puppet. This book is set in a large metropolis. Strange monsters and villains rampage in a dark city.


Current Projects

New work for clients on logos, web design, illustrations and freelance projects. This includes responsive design sites using mobile-friendly coding, restaurant menu designs for sports/wings bar and illustrations for real estate developments.




How can we help you? Email our office about what you need and when you need it. Use the form below to get in touch with us. We will return your message within 24-48 hours.